My Blog – by Lucca the Black Cat

Me and Bella woke up this morning at 4.20am – tried to wake up the Big Fella for breakfast but he’d locked his bedroom door. Won’t try and wake our Mum – she get’s testy before 6am – so went back to sleep – lovely and snuggly on the new purple fleece blanket Mum has added to her bed.

Hoorah – Big Fella is up and we charged down to breakfast – same old same old Iams but they’re s’posed to be good for us – you try ’em.

Quick dooby dooby doo – me and Bella have our own latrines – partly ‘cos we always wanted to go at the same time and one of us invariably had an accident when there was only one – so Mum got another – she’s really clever and caring our mum – and we charge back up to bed to carry on with the early morning snooze.

Mum is still sleeping so I stand on her chest and watch her face – right up close like – for any signs of waking – I’ve found that my cat breath is the quickest way to make her open her eyes. So I blow and – hoorah – she squints her eyes and says ‘Morning Sweeties’. And the day has begun!

After drinking water from the dripping tap and licking out the baked bean tin (Big Fella likes this for breakfast – no Iams for him!) – I jump onto Mum’s box of lights and strange moving things called a pewter and roll all over it. Mum shouts out ‘Thanks a lot Lucca – you’ve just bought a moth eaten Muffin the Mule for twenty-one pounds!’ I’m not sure what this means but it does sound a bit rude!

1.15pm and it’s time for a treat. We have lovely stick treats of fish and chicken and liver and other tasty bits and we have to sit up like meercats to accept them from Mum ‘cos it makes her smile. When Big Fella gives them to us we scratch and bite his fingers and he yells out and Mum tells him he is a whimp because we are lovely gentle creatures.

Big Fella and Mum call us ‘The Creatures’ and we like that ‘cos it means we have been created – which is lovely and we are special.

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