Reasons to be cheerful – part four

Seeing my husband’s smiling face as my train pulls into the station after a long but satisfying day at work.

Lucca returned my pen.

Belgian buns!

Realizing the benefits of an ‘in tray’ and having a tidy desk.

Happy to discover that my Christmas Cracker surprise was not a toy hand grenade after all – which I thought was in very bad taste – but a finger water pistol. That’s alright then! (See picture).

Receiving in the post a gorgeous purple baby outfit – complete with headband – that I’d ordered for my first grand-daughter due in June.

Losing 2lb – yippee – only 26 more to go – and celebrating with saveloy and chips.

Beautiful black cats asleep on my bed.

Trying to slide into bed without disturbing my sleeping cats.

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