Reasons to be cheerful – part four or five (I can’t quite remember)

Hearing today that my nephew and his partner are to have a baby in August. My first grand-daughter is due in June and I was so happy to be able to share my brother and sister-in-law’s joy! This feeling is beyond description – awaiting the next generation. And you don’t have to be geographically close to be involved in their lives – I love writing and sketching and will send my love in that way.

Knowing that Lucca does not hold it against me after I gave him a severe telling off in the early hours of this morning following his playtime and thieving session between 12.30 and 2am.

The nice man was in the Royal Mail sorting office this evening – and not Mr Missog.

Working for such caring and thoughtful people. I love my job!

The bin men remembered to empty our food waste bin. I know it’s their job – but sometimes they forget.

Provincial solicitors trying their hardest to prove their worth and wind up my London brief – Why? But it makes me smile all the same.

My husband’s delight that his favourite coffee is on special offer this week.

A lovely new duvet set I ordered has arrived – I can’t wait to go to bed!

A lovely new duvet set has arrived – and my cats can’t wait to go to bed!

My cats love me to bits and the Caramac bars have been delivered. What more could I want.

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