Valentine’s Day and Reasons to be Cheerful – part seventy-two – you might have missed some!

To love and be loved by husband and cats.

Strawberries in February.

Cat nip!

Husband loved Valentine’s Day gift – Mario Biondi & the High Five Quartet ‘Handful of Soul’ cd – great!

My Valentine’s Day gift – ‘The Tin Drum’ book by Gunter Grass (new translation) – saw the film in the late ’70’s – can’t wait to read the book after all this time.

Still getting the 2am cuddly request from Lucca the big black cat – my body clock has got so used to this!

Radio 2’s ‘Pick of the Pops’ with Tony Blackburn – brilliant – this week 1970!

Being warm….!

I’ve still got 80% of my own teeth.

Lovely perfume – I’m very lucky in that department.

Fresh flowers – husband came up trumps there!

Knowing that Heather Cho is going to prison – who knows – she might come out a better person. And it’s something to tell our children – throw a tantrum like that again and you could end up behind bars!

Everything in the house is working for once! Touch wood…

Looking forward to my special Valentine’s dinner – I’m cooking:))

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