Lucca’s Bog: Parcel Time!

I’m so excited I might well be sick soon. Parcels keep arriving – big ones and little ones and all the paper and packaging makes lovely rustling noises. Me and Bella are mostly interested in the bubble wrap and polystyrene shapes that look like sweets but are not sweets – don’t eat them.

Just because we’re cats doesn’t mean we don’t understand this Christmas thing – we love it! The Christmas tree bush thing is up and loads of beautiful shiny stuff is hanging from it and we pat them – gently at first – to see what happens – but we are very careful not to pull the Christmas tree bush thing down because Mum will be very cross. She has taken great care to make the Christmas tree bush thing look lovely with sparkly lights.

Because I help my mum with her online shopping – I know that there are lots of lovely meaty things on their way to our house together with not such lovely things that are always green. But we have our favourite cat food tins coming – luxury cat food it’s called because we won’t eat anything else – together with luxury pouches and special cat soup. If you want lovely special cats you have to feed them right.

Hoorah! A new Mickey Wave has arrived and Mum is so happy because the old one didn’t ping right. It’s silvery and new and I can see my face in the door! Big Fella is looking a bit downcast – he hates new learning and only wants to warm his beans and cook his bacon in the morning.

Now I’m taking a snooze…..zzzzdscn0720

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