Reasons to be Cheerful – part two

It’s Sunday!

Lovely feedback from a lady on ebay – even though I got things so wrong and had to refund!

Discovering an online old fashioned sweet shop and knowing that a box of Caramac bars is on the way.

Early morning cuddles with my cat Lucca.

The Archers omnibus – even though the storylines are getting on my nerves and Helen Archer is so stupid.

Planning a special Valentine’s dinner for me and my husband next week.

Lucca returning a stolen earring.

Bella and Lucca trying to share the bread basket for a mid morning snooze.

My cat Lucca the thief

My cat Lucca is a big black cat – half Ragdoll and half backstreet tom. I love him dearly but he’s a compulsive thief with a passion for pens and shiny things. Each week, after my cleaner has been in, I return home to a small pile of recovered swag consisting of pens, earrings and various other glittery objects. I have tried to give him his own shiny things (a broken bracelet and an odd silver earring) but he prefers to steal – perhaps it’s more exciting for him. Lucca is quite observant and only takes things that my husband and I won’t immediately miss. I often wonder if he has a ‘fence’.

Lucca’s favourite vantage point (as pictured) is from the top of the kitchen cupboards where he can survey all comings and goings and seize any opportunity to grab a shiny thing left unattended.

He also takes my slippers (quite large pink fluffy things), carries them downstairs one at a time and puts them in his toybox. I am now forced to wear my flipflops because he doesn’t care for them at all. Needless to say, my feet are cold.