Bertie the Dachshund has published his diary!

Calling all dog lovers – especially of bossy little dachshunds!

My adorable miniature long-haired dachshund Bertie has had his diary published. Bertie’s Diary is full of humour, and his own illustrations and photos, as he takes us through the ups and downs in his life.

Bertie FB

from Bertie’s Diary


Bertie the dachshund is the ’Adrian Mole’ of the dog world and, like Adrian, writes a very personal account of the world as he sees it.

Bertie’s Diary takes us through the memorable times in his life with humour and affection – even Prods (Newmum’s young’un) is treated with empathy by this canine scribbler.

If you are a Pet Parent – a word of warning – don’t leave your laptop unattended because you never know what you might come back to…………

A beautiful book to treasure!

  • ISBN-13: 978-0995484498
  • Published by East Anglian Press

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Thank you from Bertie Boy!