Friday the 13th – Reasons to be Cheerful part six – and remembering Bertie.

It’s Friday – I don’t have to go to work on Fridays. And it’s the thirteenth which makes it kind of magical and special.

Having not one but two Lucky Black Cats!

I have not read  ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

My cats are having the mid-morning snooze on my bed – they are so happy I’m at home today.

Planning a holiday with my husband to Lucca (the place not the cat) – his ancestral home – so excited!

Thinking how thrilled my husband will be with his Valentine’s Day present.

Finding Lucca the cat’s stash of shiny things and retrieving a gold ring I’m supposed to be selling on ebay.

The house is so clean and tidy – my lovely cleaner was in yesterday and surprised me by rearranging my dining room – love it.

My Tesco’s delivery – they didn’t have the value strawberries and have substituted with their finest at no extra cost!

Having the time to write.

New net curtains – I must be getting old!

Remembering my lovely little dachshund Bertie – he would have been twelve today – sadly died last summer but after a happy, happy life.

Lucca the Black Cat’s blog

Hoorah! It’s Friday and Mum doesn’t leave us on Fridays – she stays with me and Bella all day long and we have lots of cuddles and treats and things and pretend to be meercats. Already I have made Mum turn on the kitchen tap twice so that I can lick the water – and she didn’t even mind a bit! I don’t like water in a bowl.

Big Fella has gone through the outside door and we won’t see him until it’s dark again. He had my favourite for breakfast and so I have just licked the plate clean but Mum still insists on putting it into bubbly water. Why! I didn’t leave anything on it at all.

I have hidden my shiny things in another place and even the lady who comes in and makes things all clean and smelling lovely couldn’t even find them. Ha ha! Bella is not interested in my shiny things – she only likes her old grey mouse and that’s not shiny at all. She hides her mouse in Big Fella’s bed which is a bit silly ‘cos I don’t want her mouse one little bit.

Me and Bella are off upstairs now to Mum’s bed for the early morning snooze. After that we will run around the house really fast, climbing and jumping and having fun! Last time I knocked a thing onto the floor and it turned into lots of little things and made a loud noise so I ran away and hid and Mum didn’t even know I made it happen!

I love my Mum and in the night I lick her face and purr very loudly so that she knows this. Then I try to take her water cup – which is very shiny thing indeed – and she wakes up and says “Oh Lucca! It’s two o’clock”, whatever that means. The water cup shiny thing is a bit big and I usually knock it over and it makes the floor all wet but Mum doesn’t mind.

Even though Mum doesn’t purr or lick my face, I know she loves me to bits ‘cos she strokes my fur and squeezes me a bit tight and says “Oh my Lucca Lucca baby!”

Life is lovely – especially on Fridays.