Lucca the Black Cat’s Blog – Lucca in the pot

I do lots of things to get myself noticed as I’m special and beautiful and handsome. In fact I believe I am a prince of cats. And, apparently it’s my birthday – or Kitten Day as we call it – and I am one year old. I have had a card made by my mum – nice but it’s not a shiny thing and I can’t eat it – I’ve tried. Me and my sister Bella had a tin of tuna for supper with a fiery stick stuck in it. My mum sang something dreadful and blew out the fiery¬†stick and me and Bella tucked into the tuna. Delicious!

I then spotted the pot – just sitting there all empty – so I jumped in it when Mum wasn’t looking and I fitted in quite well I thought. Mum turned round and laughed – I have no idea why as I thought I looked very dignified¬†– and then grabbed her silver shiny thing that flashes and flashed it at me several times.

The shiny thing that flashes captures me as a picture and Mum is well pleased and tells me I am a very special cat. And so I am – I can even catch spiders but I don’t eat them – I leave that to my sister Bella – she has no idea what dignity means and looks stupid with the wiggly legs sticking out of her mouth. Mum does not point the shiny thing that flashes at Bella.

I felt a bit sorry for silly Bella and so I gave her a birthday cuddle – after all it’s her Kitten Day as well.

cuddles 003