Friday the 13th – Reasons to be Cheerful part six – and remembering Bertie.

It’s Friday – I don’t have to go to work on Fridays. And it’s the thirteenth which makes it kind of magical and special.

Having not one but two Lucky Black Cats!

I have not read  ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

My cats are having the mid-morning snooze on my bed – they are so happy I’m at home today.

Planning a holiday with my husband to Lucca (the place not the cat) – his ancestral home – so excited!

Thinking how thrilled my husband will be with his Valentine’s Day present.

Finding Lucca the cat’s stash of shiny things and retrieving a gold ring I’m supposed to be selling on ebay.

The house is so clean and tidy – my lovely cleaner was in yesterday and surprised me by rearranging my dining room – love it.

My Tesco’s delivery – they didn’t have the value strawberries and have substituted with their finest at no extra cost!

Having the time to write.

New net curtains – I must be getting old!

Remembering my lovely little dachshund Bertie – he would have been twelve today – sadly died last summer but after a happy, happy life.